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WO11 Michael Henry DRAYTON SAN (Ret)Age: 55 years19431998

WO11 Michael Henry DRAYTON SAN (Ret)
Name prefix
Given names
Michael Henry
Name suffix
SAN (Ret)
Birth January 20, 1943 31 26
Death of a maternal grandfatherHenry REID
October 10, 1950 (Age 7 years)
Cause: Stroke
Death of a fatherEric Gurwood CLARKE
December 26, 1963 (Age 20 years)
Note: Death date obtained from Ellie Drayton by Camille Stander (formerly Drayton)and believed to be correct.
Death of a maternal grandmotherWilhelmina Margaret CHENOWETH
January 26, 1964 (Age 21 years)
Cause: Heart attack
Death August 14, 1998 (Age 55 years)
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WO11 Michael Henry DRAYTON SAN (Ret)
Birth: January 20, 1943 31 26, , South Africa
Death: August 14, 1998Bredasdorp, Western Cape, South Africa.
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Supposedly committed suicide! He was sitting in front of the television watching sport! Born Clarke he was legally adopted by his Mothers second husband, George Drayton. Married twice after divorcing Cammy. Second wife's name Jean. Joined South African Navy directly from school. Served in various capacities both at sea and ashore and moved up the ranks steadily. Moved to Submarines and brought back the third Daphne class submarine from France. Served continuously moving from one Sub to another without a break for many years. He was Electronics Specialist although only a WO2 having apparently created a rock solid reputation in this discipline. The strain became too great, and he eventually managed to transfer off submarines to SAS Tafelberg. He transferred to a shore job in security a few months before SAS Tafelberg had the accident with the Frigate. What his actual job in security was is not known in detail, but it is known that one of his functions was VIP Protection. Once again a very stressful job. During this period he was heavily involved with the Navy Shooting Club at Klaver, helping to set up the Practical Pistol Shooting course at the Naval Shooting Range. After some years he was retired on Medical grounds and baught a small holding in Napier. There he met and married his third wife, an Undertaker in nearby Bredasdorp. FamilySearch ID: LDPW-J7H 2017