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Eustace Reid

Eustace REIDAge: 7 months18811881

Eustace REID
Given names
Birth 23 April 1881 28 31
Death 3 December 1881 (Age 7 months)
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Marriage: 23 December 1876St Paul's, Rondebosch, Cape Town, Cape Colony
9 months
elder brother
Allan ReidAllan REID
Birth: 1 October 1877 24 27Observatory, Cape Town, Cape Colony
Death: 31 October 1948Rosebank, Cape Province, Union of South Africa
14 months
elder brother
18 months
elder brother
11 months
Eustace ReidEustace REID
Birth: 23 April 1881 28 31Rondebosch, Cape Town, Cape Colony.
Death: 3 December 1881Rondebosch, Cape Town, Cape Colony.
3 years
younger sister
Esme ReidEsme REID
Birth: 29 November 1883 30 33Rondebosch, Cape Town, Cape Colony.
Death: 15 April 1958"Inversnaid", Newlands, Cape Province, Union of South Africa
21 months
younger brother
Frank ReidFrank REID KC
Birth: 20 August 1885 32 35Rondebosch, Cape Town, Cape Colony
Death: 26 February 1963"Inversnaid", Newlands, Cape Province, Republic of South Africa
5 years
younger brother

Died aged 7 months, 10 days -- Nat Arch SA St Saviours,Claremont, has a stained glass window with a dedication in the corner to Eustace from John & Elizabeth Reid (parents). Widow on South side nearest to Alter. There was a note in the old Family Bible that Eustice died at the age of nine months, but no date was recorded! No Cause of death was noted either.(DFW)
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