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Henry “Harry” SAWERTHALAge: 51 years18671919

Henry “Harry” SAWERTHAL
Given names
Birth August 23, 1867

MarriageEmily Mabel Augusta MANNView this family
June 7, 1893 (Age 25 years)
Birth of a daughter
July 31, 1896 (Age 28 years)
Death 1919 (Age 51 years)

Initials -- Brounger Land Surveyor - Heather Carson David Watts: I have been reading Brian Warner's book and have found a Sawerthal mentioned twice! His first name was Henry and he worked at the Observatory from October 1887 until he resigned December 1890. He worked with C. Ray Woods on the Cape Photographic Durchmusterung, which was a project to photographically map the sky's completely and was an international co-operation project. It appears that during his work in February 1888 he found a bright comet that earned him a prize of 100 pounds from a Mr. H.H. Warner of New York. This lead me to google his name and low and behold the forgoing was confirmed. Page 95 in the book is the bottom half of a two page montage, bottom right, numbered 8, is a picture that I found appears in a book "Agnes Mary Clarke and the rise of Astro Physics" by one Mary Brúck. They are identified thus: Centre, Agnes May Clarke, Left front, Mrs. Gill, Right front, David Gill and Right rear, H. Sawerthal. In the text he is stated to be Gill's Secretary and Night Assistant. ??But the story doesn't end there as Henry Sawerthal turns up as one of the Rhodesian Pioneers (Arrived before 1890 or so) and was Surveyor General of Rhodesia. Further Emily Mabel Augusta Mann travelled up to Salisbury by post cart, stayed at the home of Col. Marshall Hole and Married from there Mr Henry Sawerthal at the English Church 7 June 1893. Major Patrick Forbes was the best man and Monica Marshal Hole was the Bridesmaid. Emily returned to the Cape after he died, we know her death details. He, died about 1919, but I havn't been able to pull out any other detail as his memorial at the Observatory has no dates inscribed but does state that he was Surveyor General of Rhodesia. The daughter married a Mr. Chesney-Grandi, but thus far I have no other detail for her save to say that there is some correspondece from her in the Bolus papers at UCT that I was unable to access.??So now we have more accurate information to add to the pot as it were. The name Sawerthal appears to emmanate from the Baltic region, but I am unable to pin it down closer than that.